UNDER THE BRIDGE with Michael Imperioli and Zach Grenier,
by Charles Weinstein.

Film Acting Paris offers film acting workshops and private coaching for professional actors in Paris France who desire to work in the film industry. New York City film director Charles Weinstein coaches working actors for castings, screen tests, television and film roles. European and French actors have acquired American roles and agents directly from the workshops.

Charles has directed MELLISA LEO (THE FIGHTER 2011 Academy Award Best Supporting Actress , FROZEN -2009 Academy Award Nomination for Best Actress, TREME, 21 GRAMS), Laura Linney (THE SAVAGES, LOVE ACTUALLY), Michael Imperioli (SOPRANOS, THE LOVELY BONES, GOODFELLAS), Calista Flockhart (ALLY McBEAL), ZACH GRENIER (ZODIAC, FIGHT CLUB, 24 HOURS)

ACTING ON CAMERA Sept 15th-21st. 10am-2pm & ADVANCED AUDITIONING 22-27. 3-8pm 35 St Roch, Paris 75001

Professional Workshops for actors desiring to work in the USA/UK Film industry. Low cost. This 7-day workshop is for actors and highly motivated individuals desiring to work in the US/UK movie industry. Actors learn, exercise and perfect their skills on-camera. Training includes how to breakdown scripts and scenes; working with objectives, choices, organic activates and creating a specific character tree. Actors are inspired to find “the door” into their character. By working the camera, actors find casting techniques to win roles. Simulating a movie set, actors develop natural blocking and organic activities. All monologues and scenes are filmed with professional equipment and can be used for demo reels.

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