UNDER THE BRIDGE with Michael Imperioli and Zach Grenier,
by Charles Weinstein.

Film Acting Paris offers film acting workshops and private coaching for professional actors in Paris France who desire to work in the film industry. New York City film director Charles Weinstein coaches working actors for castings, screen tests, television and film roles. European and French actors have acquired American roles and agents directly from the workshops.

Charles has directed MELLISA LEO (THE FIGHTER 2011 Academy Award Best Supporting Actress , FROZEN -2009 Academy Award Nomination for Best Actress, TREME, 21 GRAMS), Laura Linney (THE SAVAGES, LOVE ACTUALLY), Michael Imperioli (SOPRANOS, THE LOVELY BONES, GOODFELLAS), Calista Flockhart (ALLY McBEAL), ZACH GRENIER (ZODIAC, FIGHT CLUB, 24 HOURS)

IFFP ACTING WORKSHOP July 23-29 Acting coach Charles Weinstein and London Casting director Debbie McWilliams (Skyfall, Angels & Demons, Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale, My Beautiful Launderette) will run a 2-day workshop for actors during the International Film Festival of Patmos 2015.

ACTING ON CAMERA September 7-12 & ADVANCED ACTING WORKSHOP September 21-26 2015,10am-2pm 35 St Roch, Paris 75001

6-DAYS Intense Acting - 250 euros This 6-day Intensive workshop is your opportunity to gain the skills and confidence to win film-acting roles. Perfecting objectives & choices actors are encouraged to create original and personal activities. Actors can shine when they have The Key to their character and attract Casting Directors who want to discover your unique talent. Actors learn from practice how to raise the stakes and pick up the cues. Your Objective (the centerpiece) should stimulate your Choices. From your Choices actors physically create Organic Activities. Using The Character Tree, actors create 3-dimensional individuals while transporting themselves into the role making it uniquely theirs. Here actors meet the moments by keeping their work fresh and being fully present. All your work will be recorded on HD video for demo reels. Call for interview 0615054828

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