SEEKING ACTORS for January 20- 30th 2014. Film Actors workshop & 2 days with London casting director Carl Proctor. Carl will be in Paris January 31 & Feb 1st.


This 10-day workshop is for professional actors and highly motivated individuals desiring to work in the US/UK movie industry. Training includes how to breakdown scripts and scenes; working with objectives, choices, organic activates and creating a specific character tree. By working the camera, actors find casting techniques to win roles.

WORKING IN LONDON, 2-day workshop with Carl Proctor; he will cover how French actors can thrive in London. Carl has cast for director Joel Schumacher; SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE with JOHN MALKOVICH and WILLIEM DAFOE, which received two Oscar nominations. Carl also casted director Trevor Nunn’s TWELFTH NIGHT with BEN KINGSLEY, HELENA BONHAM CARTER and NIGEL HAWTHRONE.

Charles directed MELLISA LEO (THE FIGHTER 2011 Academy Award Best Supporting Actress , FROZEN -2009 Academy Award Nomination for Best Actress, TREME, 21 GRAMS), Laura Linney (THE SAVAGES, LOVE ACTUALLY), Michael Imperioli (SOPRANOS, THE LOVELY BONES, GOODFELLAS), Calista Flockhart (ALLY McBEAL) Charles and Zach worked together on UNDER THE BRIDGE.

DAY 1: Orientation. Actors given scene material to study. Question and Answer session about the business of acting. What to expect from the industry, and what the industry will expect from you.
DAY 2: “Acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” Where did positive objectives to stimulate the imagination. Actors choose scenes for demo reels.

DAY 3: The observation exercises. From the objective we make choices and from those choices we create organic activities. Are you listening to me? “Most acting is reacting, and you only react if you’re listening.” “ I think if you have a talent for acting, it is the talent for listening.” -Morgan Freeman.

DAY 4: Introduction to the Meisner techniques. How to memorize. Filming of scenes. Where to find jobs and work in USA, SAG and non-SAG films. How to create a CV and demo reel
DAY 5: Creating the spine of a character. Research a character; the building of a character tree; how to create a past, present and future for your character.
DAY 6: “Introduction to Uta Hagen Object exercises. Rehearsal and filming of scenes.
DAY 7: “The “Trying To Be Emotional” trap. Bonding with your character. Choosing activities that will create genuine emotion. Continued rehearsal and filming of scenes.
DAY 8: How to take direction. What to do when you hear, “Take it down a bit” or “give it more energy.” Working with close-ups. How to keep your audition alive and fresh. Rehearsal of scenes.
DAY 9: Film auditioning exercises. How not to be you own worst enemy. How to enter an audition room. What’s my best side and where to look? How to make the camera work for you. Filming of scenes.
DAY 10: Working on accents and microphone levels. How loud or soft should my voice be on camera? Drawing your audience in. “It ain’t worth doing if we’re not having fun!“ Completion and distribution of all video material. Wrap party!

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