I found Film Acting Paris to be a fantastic experience. A great atmosphere; FAP combines actors of all different levels of experience with Charles’ directing experience and has really helped me develop as an actor on and behind the scenes. The class allows you to build your acting technique on camera but also learn about what happens behind the camera by way of sound, lighting etc.

Lewis Rogers actor

This practical course under Charles’ expertise helps the budding professional actor to understand in a simple manner the many complexities involved with acting on film. You will choose and practice monologues, be encouraged to rehearse and shoot scenes, be comfortable in front of camera on a bi-weekly basis after understanding the importance of the objective as the core element to getting into character. For me, it was very inspiring and has given me the energy and confidence to pursue further and now up the ante in Los Angeles.

Richard Keep actor

Just to tell that I won the part For sure your class helped me a lot to find the right objective, the directors liked my work, and I remember your advice before entering the scene.I will see you when I come back to Paris for sure!

Emilie actress

“Tout au long de ce workshop, j’ai appris a me positionner devant une caméra, à gérer mes émotions et à collaborer avec d’autres acteurs. L’ambiance fait que l’on y est vite à l’aise et donc vite intégré.”

Jess actress

FAP made me a complete actor! I studied in the US and I took a lot of workshops but it wasn’t until I connected to your teachings that I understood the objective. The history of it and the practice of it got under my skin.I’m ready now, thanks a million!

Luisa Jennings actress